Grease Trap, Orlando FL

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Grease Trap, Orlando FL

Grease traps prevent harmful substances from entering into a sewer system where they can cause problems and the need for grease trap cleaning & repair. At Cloud 9 Services Inc. in Orlando, Florida, we recommend several tips for maintaining your commercial or industrial grease trap so your sewer system remains in working order.

Why is Grease a Problem?

Grease is a substance that can wreak havoc on your location’s piping system because of its poor water solubility and inability to separate from liquid solutions. When there are large amounts of grease in a piping system, it decreases pipe capacity, resulting in lack of efficiency, backups, and wear and tear on the system.

When grease is warm, it may not initially appear to be a problem. However, when it cools, the fat congeals and forms a substance that sticks to pipes and clogs them. To prevent grease from building up in piping systems, many locations have grease traps built into the wastewater piping a short distance away from the area where grease is produced. However, a location’s grease trap can only do so much for a location’s piping system, making regular maintenance and the implementation of preventative measures crucial to the efficiency of the location’s pipes.

Grease Trap

Properly Maintaining Your Grease Trap

Although it may be tempting, refrain from connecting a dishwasher directly to your grease trap. You should not do this because hot water can turn grease into a liquefied substance and eventually allow grease to get through the grease trap easily and into the sewer system. If this happens, the grease will eventually harden and clog up the pipes that transport sewage from your location to the sewer.

Food is another substance that should never be allowed into a grease trap. Many businesses that use grease traps make the mistake of letting food from the food disposal system get into their grease trap, causing the trap to work ineffectively. If your grease trap ever stops working correctly, refrain from trying to fix the trap yourself, as this can often permanently damage the grease trap.

Problems with grease traps are particularly prevalent in restaurants and other locations where food preparation is a large part of the industry. Besides the above-listed maintenance tips for keeping your grease trap in working order, you should also:

  • Scrape all food into the recycling or washing bin before you wash any dishes.
  • Make sure that all liquid foods, such as milkshakes, dairy products, batters, sauces, and gravies, are disposed of into the trash.
  • Deposit any cooking grease or waste fryer oil into the proper receptacle and not down the drain of the sink.
  • Avoid running hot water or chemicals down the drain. Doing this could push accumulated grease even farther down into the drains.

An essential step in maintaining your grease trap involves regular cleaning and maintenance. At Cloud 9 Services Inc., we can come to you and routinely maintain and clean your grease trap so it continues to work efficiently.  You should also make sure the grease in the grease trap is being pumped out approximately every 90 days by a licensed waste hauler.

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When we come to your location to maintain your grease trap or repair any problems that you encounter, we strongly encourage you to ask any questions you might have about how your grease trap operates or how to maintain it properly. At Cloud 9 Services Inc., we not only want to be known throughout the Orlando area for our excellent repair services, but also because we are a viable source of information for our customers.

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